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Not your momma's green beans.


"We found that labeling all foods and beverages with a simple red, yellow and green color scheme to indicate their relative healthiness led patrons to purchase more of the healthy and fewer of the unhealthy items … [and] moving items around to make the healthy items more convenient and visible led to further improvement in the nutritional quality of items purchased."

Supermarkets are controlled by the same rules of marketing that dominate the rest of American society. We may think that item placement in a supermarket is arbitrary but it is actually the product of an intricate bidding system. Huge food companies pay money to be at eye level where you will see them more easily and be more inclined to buy their product.

Have you ever noticed that “healthy” cereals are located high up on the shelves or out of the way tucked at the ends? This is because of the bidding system. Food companies are multi-billion dollar industries because, let’s face it, who doesn’t eat?

Staying conscious of how marketing affects you in the supermarket will help you make better, more informed choices.

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